Our core services are:

  • Information and Advocacy for older people and their families.

Older people and their families can contact our Advocacy Team on 1800 700 600 or (03) 9602 3066 for information about any aged care issue, including residential aged care, Home Care Packages and other home-based aged care.

Our Advocates listen and support people to advocate for solutions that best meet their needs. This typically involves supporting older people and their families to communicate their needs and have these listened to and acted upon by service providers. Sometimes we need to advocate strongly to an aged care service and challenge them to provide better care.

Our service is free and confidential.

  • Community Education for older people, families and the general community about various aged care topics.

People can contact our Community Education Team on 1800 700 600 or (03) 9602 3066 to book a community education session on topics such as: understanding the aged care system; rights and responsibilities; tips for self-advocacy.

We also run fee-for-service education for aged care service providers on topics such as: elder abuse prevention and response; chemical and physical restraint; compulsory reporting; the new aged care standards.

  • Elder Abuse Prevention and Response 

Elder abuse prevention and response is part of our Information/Advocacy and Community Education services. In addition to having a specialist Advocate for Elder Abuse Prevention and Response, all our Advocates are trained to assist with responding to situations involving elder abuse.

The focus of our elder abuse prevention and response work is elder abuse within the context of Australian Government-funded aged care services (residential and home care). We also work closely with services that support people in elder abuse situations in which aged care services are not involved. These include Seniors Rights Victoria and the network of health services within the Victorian Government’s integrated model of care for responding to suspected elder abuse.

If you, or somebody you know is concerned about elder abuse, you can access information and advocacy support through our free, confidential general Information and Advocacy service on 1800 700 600 from anywhere in Victoria, or (03) 9602 3066.

We also run community education sessions on elder abuse for aged care services and the general community. To request a community education session, Contact Us on 1800 700 600 from anywhere in Victoria, or (03) 9602 3066 or by email or using the Community Education Booking Form on this site.

Aged Care System Navigator

The aged care system can be very confusing! This is especially so for people engaging with the aged care system for the first time. Our Aged Care System Navigator Support Service is designed to help people:

  • understand the aged care system, including what services are available to meet people’s needs and how to access them; and
  • engage with and access the aged care system, including connecting people with My Aged Care and providing them with support to choose and access services.

If you, or somebody you know needs help to understand and navigate the aged care system, including explaining the role of My Aged Care and the process for an aged care assessment through an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), you can contact our free and confidential Information and Advocacy service on freecall 1800 700 600 from anywhere in Victoria, or (03) 9602 3266.

Community Visitor Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is about friendship and companionship.

CVS is an Australian Government scheme that funds organisations to coordinate volunteers to visit recipients of Australian Government subsidised aged care services (residential and home care) who are socially isolated and whose quality of life would be improved by friendship and companionship.

Beginning in 2019, our CVS service involves a network of volunteers across all areas of Victoria doing visits to people who access home care services and others living in residential aged care.

For more information about our volunteer CVS service, including exploring options for joining our volunteer team, please contact our CVS Coordinator, Megan Collisson on 0427 736 618 or by email: cvs@era.asn.au.