Information and Advocacy

Our Information and Advocacy service is primarily phone based.

Older people living in Victoria and their families can contact our Information and Advocacy Team on 1800 700 600 or (03) 9602 3066 for information about any aged care issue, including residential aged care, Home Care Packages and other home-based aged care.

If you,or somebody you know has an aged care concern, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

The job of our Advocates is to listen and support you to identify and advocate for solutions that best respond to your circumstances.

Sometimes this requires just one phone call and the provision of some information. Other situations may involve several phone calls over an extended period and perhaps one of our Advocates meeting with you face to face and/or attending a meeting with your aged care service provider to discuss the issues and seek solutions.

Our advocacy work often involves us needing to advocate strongly to an aged care service and challenging them to provide better care.

We always negotiate the advocacy strategy in partnership with you and your family, wherever possible providing you with the information you need to successfully advocate for yourself without needing us present. However, where we need to be there to get the result you need and deserve, we will be there by your side.

When might I need an advocate?

Everyone’s needs are different, so identifying the times when you need an advocate can vary. It may be when you are:

  • Feeling pressured to make a choice
  • Not satisfied with the care you are receiving
  • Not satisfied with decisions made about you
  • Wanting information regarding accessing services or additional support