We have a range of promotional materials designed for display in aged care services and community settings, including an A4 size poster and a smaller postcard/DL size versions. These are designed to help promote the availability of our Information and Advocacy Service to older people and their families. These are available to be posted free of charge. All aged care service providers are encouraged to order sufficient to provide to existing care recipients and prospective and new care recipients.

In addition, for people who would prefer material in a language other than English, services are encouraged to download the Aged Care Advocacy brochure available in 15 languages through links on this site.

You can order copies of promotional materials by contacting us by phone on freecall 1800 700 600 from anywhere in Victoria, or (03) 9602 3066, or by email era@era.asn.au or using the Promotional Materials Order Form below.

Promotion Materials Order Form

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