Our Staff Team

Our staff team is an interesting mix of people, with a range of backgrounds and professional qualifications.

The people who answer our phones and staff our Information and Advocacy Service include:

The Information and Advocacy Team

  • Sue Petrini, Advocate (Bendigo based)
  • Anthea Katsaros, Advocate (Geelong based)
  • Kate Dalton, Advocate (Melbourne based)
  • Pauline Meaney, Advocate (Melbourne based)
  • Debra (Deb) Nicholl, Advocate (Bendigo based)
  • Additional Melbourne based Advocate
  • Advocate Elder Abuse Prevention and Response (Melbourne based, vacant)
  • Advocate (Traralgon based, vacant, advertisement pending)
  • David White, Operations Manager (Melbourne based)

Other staff members

  • Community Education Coordinator (Melbourne based, vacant)
  • Karen Fraser, Communications Manager (Melbourne based)
  • Michael Gourlay, CEO