Aged Care System Navigator

Our proposed System Navigator Support service described below has not yet commenced and is subject to finalisation of funding arising from a government tender process.

Draft only and subject to confirmation of funding arrangements arising from a government tender process

If you, or somebody you know needs help to understand and navigate the aged care system, including explaining the role of My Aged Care and the process for an aged care assessment through an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), you can contact our free and confidential Information and Advocacy service on freecall 1800 700 600 from anywhere in Victoria, or (03) 9602 3266.

The aged care system can be very confusing! This is especially so for people engaging with the aged care system for the first time.

While there is one central government agency designed to streamline access to aged care information and services, My Aged Care, it is recognised that many people are unsure of how the system works, including the role of My Aged Care.

For this reason, beginning in 2019, the Australian Government provided seed funding for a national trial of something known as the ‘Aged Care System Navigator Measure’ (System Navigator Measure).

As part of the trial, which will run until June 2020, we received funding for a Specialist Aged Care System Navigator Support Worker. The System Navigator Measure is designed to help people:

  • understand the aged care system, including what services are available to meet people’s needs and how to access them; and
  • engage with and access the aged care system, including connecting people with My Aged Care and providing them with support to choose and access services.

In addition to the Specialist Aged Care System Navigator Support Workers located in various parts of Australia, the System Navigator Measure includes:

  • 30 aged care information hubs to provide locally targeted information and build people’s capacity to understand and engage with the aged care system;
  • 20 community hubs where members support each other in navigating aged care and healthy ageing;
  • 6 x financial information service officers located in the Department of Human Services to support people making complex financial decisions when entering aged care.

The hubs and the Navigator Support Workers are being managed as part of a Consortium led by COTA Australia, with involvement by the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN). Key Consortium partners in Victoria include COTA Victoria and the Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG).