ERA was contacted by the daughter of a resident, concerned that staff members at the facility were regularly mishandling her mother’s specialised chair resulting in the mother being constantly distressed.

This was particularly concerning to the daughter as she had paid for an Occupational Therapist to specifically train the staff in handling the chair. Clear laminated instructions had also been placed on the chair and in the resident’s room. The daughter had raised her concerns with the facility on numerous occasions and had not seen any changes. The advocate attended a case meeting where it was agreed that all staff would receive extra training in handling the chair and hoist and that all handling would be monitored until management and the daughter were satisfied with the standard. In addition a regular communication process was set-up with a trusted key staff member to enable the daughter to raise her concerns in a way that would be heard and acted on. Staff training has since created improvements for the resident and her daughter has stated that it is the first time that she has felt as though her concerns have been taken seriously.