Tim contacted ERA seeking assistance for his mother, who lives with dementia, and who had entered a facility 3 weeks before. During the first few days of her residency, Tim’s mother became very distressed after visits from family members.

Tim’s sister – who held enduring powers of attorney (medical and financial) and an enduring power of guardianship – thought that all contact with family members should be stopped. Tim said that the facility manager supported this approach.  There was longstanding conflict between Tim and his sister.  Tim lodged a complaint with the Complaints Scheme after the Manager informed him that his mother was not permitted to have any calls or visits until his sister authorised them.  Issues involved the capacity of the resident to make her own decisions, whether the enduring power of guardianship had been activated and, if so, whether Tim’s sister was acting in their mother’s best interests.  With the advocate’s assistance, all restrictions on family visiting were dropped.